Stud Page

Here you can see pictures of the dogs that I stud out. I have doberman pinschers (black and fawn), a silky terrier, a bullmastiff, and poodles (all sizes and colors).

Rambo, a black and tan doberman with champions in his pedigree. He has all four colors in his pedigree and has thrown all four colors.
Austin, a black poodle.

CKC champagne male. (Also for sale.)
Prince, a standard poodle.

Little Man, white tea cup poodle.
Taz, black poodle.

Cartman (on the left), a bullmastiff w/ champions in his pedigree. About 115 lb. (Sonora is on the right and she is due to have puppies in early April.)
Tanto, black and white parti poodle (father of parti litter DOB 6/20/05).

Romeo, standard poodle.
Tanto Again.